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Mailing address :
  H-2851 Hungary Környe Vörösmarty street 16.
Headquarters / clubhouse:
  H-2800 Hungary Tatabánya
Bem J. street 1.
Phone number :
  Airfield: +36 34 360 365
  Tibor Limfer : +36 30 337 84-55
(executive chairman)
  László Czeiner : +36 30 854 23-79
(airfield manager)
Tax number :
Bank account number:
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The club

Sports flying at Tatabánya has a more than a semicentennial history, despite of the difficulty of the world war two. Nevertheless several commercial and military pilots was dropped from our club.

Szilveszteri repülés 2009
Our club has been operating since 1990 with the current name. The club is consists of three section.

You can become a club member!

If You want to be a pilot, even glider pilot, engine-powered plane pilot or hang-glider pilot, or maybe You only want to resume it or You just like flying and You want to belong a club where You can do it in a good mood and with favorable conditions, You are allowed to be one of them..
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Our airfield


Frequency: 120,6MHz

Altitude: 174m / 571ft

Kecskéd repülőtér
Our airport is located next to the village Kecskéd. It's a large grassy field, what's history dating back to the WWII. Easily approachable on road and on railway equally.
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